SLO Collection in The New York Times

“How Tech Expanded From Silicon Valley to Bubblegum Alley”

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. — San Luis Obispo has a reputation for being a sleepy town in central California known for its laid-back charm. Top tourist draws are a nearby 18th-century Spanish mission and Bubblegum Alley, a walkway lined with chewed gum. But Rick Stollmeyer, the chief executive of MindBody, envisioned it as a bustling tech hub.

SLO Collection in

Kat Ward’s story, “The San Luis Obispo Collection Marries a New Wave of Luxury to Central California’s Quaint Charm,” is beautifully written and describes so much of the SLO Collection by featuring many of the retails stores, Cal Poly, Thomas Hill and Mint+Craft, and of course the Farmer’s Market: (VPM: 1,021,785) provides objective analysis and information to affluent consumers of luxury goods, services and travel through relevant content and resource guides. Covers luxury travel, charter services, vacation real estate, fashion trends, food and spirits, home décor, city guides and more

SLO Collection in The Huffington Post

Teresa Rodriguez did a fantastic job covering many aspects of the SLO Collection for The Huffington Post:

The story covers the Farmer’s Market, Concerts in the Plaza and even the kids classes at William’s Sonoma (with a really cute picture!). (VPM: 22,976,936) combines breaking news and blogging, packaged with media commentary and fresh takes from some of the most original thinkers in politics, Hollywood, corporate America and the media.

Oprah calls San Luis Obispo “The Happiest Town”

Oprah Winfrey calls San Luis Obispo “The Happiest Town”

“You’ll Wish You Were Here”

For his 2008 Best seller, The Blue Zones, Dan Buettner searched the world for the truth about longevity.  In his new book, Thrive, he tackles the topic of happiness.  What are the happiest spots on Earth, and what secrets can we glean from?  One utopia his travels took him was San Luis Obispo, nestled between LA and San Francisco on the Central Coast, where joy seems to be in the tap water.